The misterious case of oxygen-icons (bis)

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Thu Nov 22 22:22:10 UTC 2012

Last August I started a discussion about oxygen-icons that didn't really get 

The summary is that we release oxygen-icons with all the releases, e.g. 4.9.0, 
4.9.1, etc but we always release if from trunk/kdesupport/oxygen-icons

That is obviously wrong, we either release it only in x.y.0 from trunk or if 
we release it for all x.y.z versions we *need* to branch it like all the other 
stuff we do.

So as we did not reach any decision in the previous thread I'll take one and 
deal with the pain of taking a decision.

The decision is that once 4.10.0 is released i'll branch the existing
oxygen-icons in trunk/kdesupport/oxygen-icons to

Icons guys: this means that after we release 4.10.0 everything you put in 
trunk/kdesupport/oxygen-icons will only go to 4.11, if you want it to end in 
4.10.x you'll also have to put it in branches/kdesupport/oxygen-icons/4.10

Translators and documentation writers are able to cope with this branch system 
so I don't doubt you'll be able to do the same, but if you have questions we 
are always here to help :-)


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