libkdcraw api compatibility?

Andreas K. Huettel dilfridge at
Sun Nov 18 11:22:16 UTC 2012


it seems like there are api-incompatible changes in libkdcraw-4.9.80 (compared 
to 4.9.x).

In member function ‘virtual bool Digikam::UMSCamera::getThumbnail(const 
QString&, const QString&, QImage&)’:
error: ‘loadDcrawPreview’ is not a member of ‘KDcrawIface::KDcraw’

No problem inside KDE proper, and I also know that digikam-3_betaX and kipi-
plugins-3_betaX is fixed. However... Are there any other known third-party 
consumers for that?



Andreas K. Huettel
Gentoo Linux developer 
dilfridge at

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