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Sat Nov 10 20:03:15 UTC 2012


> > Of course review is a good thing, and Martin's review request did
> > already get a couple of suggestions for improvements. It just wasn't
> > clear to me if telling the wider world is required/makes sense in this
> > case, or if having it reviewed by the people who work on the area is
> > enough - I think that not everyone reading kde-core-devel wants to be
> > informed about every little thing. But actually, either way is fine
> > for me. However, seeing that the hard feature freeze is already in
> > place, it might have to wait until KDE/4.10 branches are created
> > anyway.
Thank you Frank and Fredrich for the review comments, this will improve the
code. In a second round it could be nice with more rewievers, and I would
like to inform kde-core-devel if this is appropriated.

> I thought we had granted an feature freeze excemption for this (or that's
> what
> i understood from the previous mails in this thread).

I glad that you like my new plugin and wants this include in the release.
I'm currently working on fixing a bug that makes this Plugin almost
unusable in suntan situations as too many files are marked as not under
version control.
I will try to fix this in the coming days, but I will not be able to test
the result before week 47. The fix will affect only one of the public
functions (beginRetrieval()), however I will make it up to someone else to
decide if this is still acceptable for KDE 4.10 or if the plugin will have
to wait for 4.11.


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