Beta 1: New Plans

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Thu May 31 16:09:33 UTC 2012

El Dimecres, 30 de maig de 2012, a les 18:28:16, Albert Astals Cid va 
> Ok, so these are the new plans
> a) reupload old tarballs ASAP (working on that, expect them on the usual
> location by the end of the day)
> b) repackage all the tarballs with contents from master (KDE/4.8 for
> kdelibs) tomorrow afternoon. This will include patches the patches you had
> to apply manually before so that there were no duplicate installed files,
> etc
> c) upload these new tarballs tomorrow

The new packages are done

a4175342f11a86ecd3b40473a76d92c4  ark-4.8.80.tar.xz
cd081b6c20d338e9bdc3027d3d1041b6  ffmpegthumbs-4.8.80.tar.xz
0e4de130ed2cc6b6488b1b5fc68c5244  gwenview-4.8.80.tar.xz
d74afcbacd91c4d918696b718b4b250c  juk-4.8.80.tar.xz
ff026cfe9e5a604485e9502bc82d6029  kactivities-4.8.80.tar.xz
553857cee06b0af8653f63f8597c871d  kalgebra-4.8.80.tar.xz
4bdf55c45a2945fbada860a43f6f4ed5  kalzium-4.8.80.tar.xz
38a58aa0b8db74e4038bf8ce78cb0f68  kate-4.8.80.tar.xz
2446abaf8a55284109d188688ce34b73  kdeadmin-4.8.80.tar.xz
a600e3709592bc7112b067a3cec90f46  kde-baseapps-4.8.80.tar.xz
e14937f88b5df97e6b3fcf216f7d48f7  kdegames-4.8.80.tar.xz
0ccaab8192dbd62b030e59e3fbe2ad4d  kdegraphics-mobipocket-4.8.80.tar.xz
7fd66295f951001e1a33eb78ada261fa  kdelibs-4.8.80.tar.xz
d833deb0b8a140463f87951bde262a74  kdenetwork-4.8.80.tar.xz
c856242b22693ecb55c40a78081b0691  kdepim-4.8.80.tar.xz
19a017519ef3e57e5930adfe88dea461  kdepimlibs-4.8.80.tar.xz
ea3a21853159d5724d9ad19ec79aac4b  kdepim-runtime-4.8.80.tar.xz
00f05ee3c991f65c5920ea9533968d66  kdeplasma-addons-4.8.80.tar.xz
3fe09756af708c31ebe29db8eedd7c62  kde-runtime-4.8.80.tar.xz
bd1723c8ebeb759db88e858de5935815  kdesdk-4.8.80.tar.xz
55a1d8a42d81e6d0dc477ffb4347fb35  kde-workspace-4.8.80.tar.xz
7919907e019deb961d2b926c0c2f3a1d  kmix-4.8.80.tar.xz
049b6d250313e09c1b3ef4124d4869f1  konsole-4.8.80.tar.xz
30f481eb81517316eee8a61c9039f73c  ktouch-4.8.80.tar.xz
5067f1a7741120efde33022074979fd6  libkcddb-4.8.80.tar.xz
1fa3d6d389683ae87780533ebead1767  libkcompactdisc-4.8.80.tar.xz
eb3be8d66b6e727990164baf6b0b78cd  libkdeedu-4.8.80.tar.xz
437abc4acbccb31c7b6e2d2cbbfb933b  marble-4.8.80.tar.xz
b0e0829b958a677863b4dbff2f78ccbf  nepomuk-core-4.8.80.tar.xz
1b19c64e9d5ebd272c0bea561e846408  pairs-4.8.80.tar.xz
a9f49d00000f471547ddf30918cf7867  pykde4-4.8.80.tar.xz
19ec4612871f070ae3be28aadfe0b92f  rocs-4.8.80.tar.xz
d33e7f7de5999778f8d3e288c22dd0f8  smokegen-4.8.80.tar.xz
0261c379127abe45ac546acc39854d6a  smokeqt-4.8.80.tar.xz

The packages not in this list haven't changed since last time and thus you can 
reuse the existant ones.

They will get synced to the ftp as soon as a sysadmin has some time to do it.

I'm still working in the l10n ones which i'll try to get ready for tomorrow 


> d) Make the release on Monday
> This plan has been agreed with Sebas and Allen. If you have serious
> objections please make them ASAP.
> Albert
> P.S: Please note I probably will be disconnected from the interwebs from
> Thursday night to Sunday evening
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