Calling off Beta1

Manuel Tortosa manutortosa at
Tue May 29 18:49:05 UTC 2012

El Dimarts, 29 de maig de 2012, a les 20:45:14, Aaron J. Seigo va escriure:
> ok, just talked with one of the devs. apparently Trueg is MIA while moving 
> house at the moment, but it is releasable and there are even release notes
> for  a 2.8 version.
> we'll (myself an vhanda) make a release branch and tag in the soprano repo 
> tomorrow ... do you need a tarball as well, or just a release branch + tag?

Aaron this is not the only problem, smokdekde does not compiles against a 
newer Soprano so it needs some kind of fixup as right now Korundum does not 
compiles if smokdede does not have support for Soprano (i think it will be 
easier to make korundum  compile without soprano support adding some Cmake 
stuff like in the rest of bindings).


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