Nepomuk-Core clashes with other Repos

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat May 26 14:18:22 UTC 2012

El Divendres, 25 de maig de 2012, a les 12:43:53, Eric Hameleers va escriure:
> On Fri, 25 May 2012, Vishesh Handa wrote:
> > Hello Packagers!
> > 
> > We seem to have 2 minute problems -
> > 
> > * Nepomuk-core and kde-runtime both install
> > 
> >  * You can ignore the kde-runtime version
> > 
> > * Nepomuk-core and kdelibs both install rcgen
> > 
> >  * You can ignore the nepomuk-core one
> > 
> > Sorry about all the trouble. I've fixed them in the git repositories and
> > the beta2 release will contain these fixes.
> I would advise to fix the beta1 tarballs instead.

Because of how we generate the tarballs/tags (we tag the master branch) the 
only way of updating the tarballs and not breaking the tag is including 
everything that was commited between the tag and the fix (and this may not be 
wanted), so we have decided to not do it.

In the future when the real packaging team arises (i.e. not a temporary man 
like me), the process has to account for how to add random patches to the 
tarballs and still having a proper tag in git.


> Cheers, Eric

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