Packaging 4.9: kdelibs?

David Faure faure at
Tue May 22 22:31:41 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 22 May 2012 23:36:54 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> Soooo, now that I've bitten the bait and decided to package 4.9 beta 1
> myself I have a question :D
> kdelibs is special since we don't have a master branch to package, i need to
> package from the 4.8 branch, that's fine *but* the issue is that i have to
> increase the version number and thus I can't tag 4.8.80 since I can't
> commit the version number increase to 4.8 branch.
> Ben suggests we create the 4.9 branch already. That'd go along with Martin's
> suggestion to create the 4.9 branch too.

Makes sense, for versioning.

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