Nepomuk - Moving out of kde-runtime

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Thu May 17 14:01:14 UTC 2012


I just thought everyone should know what's going on with Nepomuk.

As per 4.9, we are going to have 3 repositories -

* nepomuk-core [1]
* nepomuk-kde-kio [2]
* nepomuk-kde-config [3]

kde-runtime/nepomuk will be removed. Kdelibs will not be touched. All the
headers are being installed under nepomuk2, and the source code is now
under a Nepomuk2 namespace. This has been done to avoid clashes between
nepomuk-core and kdelibs. The library names have also changed.

For a detailed discussion as to why this is being done, please read [4].

@Packagers: We will not be maintaining binary compatibility in
nepomuk-core. At least not for KDE 4.10. We still need to break a lot of

@Release-team: Would it be possible to get an extension for the hard
freeze? We're almost ready with the repositories. We just need to go about
removing kde-runtime/nepomuk, and moving some of the repositories out of
trueg's scratch repositories.

@Translators: You probably want to preserve the translations in
kde-runtime/nepomuk. How do we go about this?


Vishesh Handa
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