[ANNOUNCE] Google and Kolab New Soft Dependencies for kdepim-runtime 4.9

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Fri May 4 14:45:42 UTC 2012


Coming in kdepim-runtime 4.9, we will now be providing a Google resource as well as an
overhauled Kolab resource that adds support for Kolab v3.

Both of these new resources are dependent on 3rdparty libraries, optionally.
So you must have all the necessary dependencies available at build time if you
want these resources for your kdepim applications. Which of course you do :)

For Kolab you will need:
xerces-c development
libkolabxml-0.4.0 and libkolab-0.2.0 (source-only available at this time from http://git.kolab.org)

For Google you will need:

>From what I can tell, the major distributions already have most of these dependencies
available as packages.  The Kolab libraries are currently only available as source since
they are very new.

Please report questions or concerns to the kde-pim at kde.org mailing list.


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