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El Dimecres, 20 de juny de 2012, a les 06:02:41, Torgny Nyblom va escriure:
> On 19.06.2012 23:32, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> [...]
> > Awesome, do you have access to a server you can use for the packaging
> > (i don't
> > recommend running them on your local machine as i said take a while
> > to run)
> Depends, I have one private server (old amd64) and I can possibly use
> huey (
> > If not i guess we can work out to give you access to the same server
> > i used
> > for the last two releases.
> Lets keep that as a "plan B", since I guess setting up the environment
> is part of what I need to know :)

Sorry, it took me that much to asnwer, got busy flying/attending to QtCS

So this is my list of steps: (Note the borrame stuff before running any pack command)

svn co svn://
cd release
mkdir clean
update versions file HEADURL and DESTURL 
update modules.git for new modules
update modules for new modules
update for branch
update common
./checkout  (with correct user and protocol)
and then if you did the pack_all before the real tagging date/hour you can just do
and call
./pack foobar
over the foobar pckages that actually changed. I think doing the "earlier" packging is good since big packages like oxygen-icons, etc don't change that often.
Note saving FILE_WITH_HASH_AND_REVISIONS and NEW_FILE_WITH_HASH_AND_REVISIONS is very important since we need to know which hashes/revisions to tag.

I am running MY_DIFF over the kde-common/release folder (you'll need to update some version numbers)

Also there is the magic 
to meinproc (yes you need to have some meinproc version installed)

In that borrame folder (that is in the same roon as the release/ contents) you need to do this 
cp -R clean/kdelibs/kdoctools borrame
*** attention black magic coming (note those are debian paths, not sure what are the correct ones in other systems) ***
sed s#@DOCBOOKXML_CURRENTDTD_DIR@#$DOCBOOK_LOCATION#g borrame/customization/dtd/kdex.dtd.cmake > borrame/customization/dtd/kdex.dtd
sed s#@DOCBOOKXSL_DIR@#$DOCBOOKXSL_LOCATION#g borrame/customization/kde-include-common.xsl.cmake > borrame/customization/kde-include-common.xsl
sed s#@DOCBOOKXSL_DIR@#$DOCBOOKXSL_LOCATION#g borrame/customization/kde-include-man.xsl.cmake > borrame/customization/kde-include-man.xsl
docbookl10nhelper $DOCBOOKXSL_LOCATION borrame/customization/xsl/ borrame/customization/xsl/
You might need to compile docbookl10nhelper (borrame/docbookl10nhelper.cpp) yourself, for that just use g++, qtcore ldflags, and bedone

And that's hopefully all, i'll be around on monday on irc (just query me as tsdgeos even if you don't see me connected)
I realize we are suposed to create the packages on tuesday and it might be a bit too tight, do you want to start making the setup 
and aim for RC2 instead of RC1?


> /Torgny
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