Nepomuk crashes in 4.8.4 fixed in KDE/4.8.x branch

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Sat Jun 16 19:41:10 UTC 2012

On Saturday, June 16, 2012 15:33:17 Michael Pyne wrote:
> Any consensus on whether we will make a new kdelibs release?
> If so I would agree that it should be 4.8.5, with a 4.8.6 in ~1 month.
> If not that would make the upcoming routine release 4.8.5 (which is why I
> ask as I have an unrelated bugfix in there that I want to update the
> changelog for ;)).

One thing is that our changelog XML does assume each KDE module in a release 
is the same version released at the same time, which would seem to argue for, or simply calling all of the KDE modules 4.8.6 at the next release...

 - Michael Pyne
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