Question regarding compatibility for kdecore and KDE4_ENABLE_FINAL

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Wed Jun 13 00:42:28 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Bug 301419 has been reported against kdelibs due to a build failure when 
KDE4_ENABLE_FINAL is used, introduced by some commits of mine to perform even 
more sanity checking in the KSharedDataCache.

These commits use exceptions (as are already used in khtml) since they are 
actually "the right tool" in the context of where they are used, and because 
refactoring everything to use error codes everywhere (ECE) would have risked 
introducing more bugs.

In order to minimize the changes to kdecore I only added the CMake magic to 
enable exceptions for only kshareddatacache.cpp. This doesn't work when 
KDE4_ENABLE_FINAL is used, as the project-wide CXXFLAGS are used in that case.

The Mageia devs have a proposed patch [1] to enable exceptions for all of 
kdecore, which fixes the issue. Is it acceptable for me to go this route? The 
only real alternative this late in the game is to back out the sanity checks 
to the 4.8.3 status or to explicitly say that KDE4_ENABLE_FINAL will not work 
for this tarball although it worked for 4.8.3, both of which I consider less 
desirable. But I don't want to make the change if there are good reasons to 
avoid it.

Longer term (for frameworks) KSharedDataCache could be split into its own tier 
if necessary (it only really depends on Qt and KStandardDirs, which is now 
also in Qt...).

 - Michael Pyne

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