Shared Desktop Ontologies

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Sat Jun 9 17:37:08 UTC 2012


On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 3:56 PM, Manuel Tortosa <manutortosa at>wrote:

> Again about SDO
> The akonadi-nepomuk feeder needs some commits from a SDO not yet released,
> there is a 0.9.5 tagged and also a 0.9.51 but nothing packaged and even
> more
> the needed commits are after the 0.9.51 tagging
> So, theorically somebody should tag a newer version and release the package
> for SDO before kde 49 or will not work correctly. I am not an expert so
> probably somebody more involved in nepomuk can confirm the issue

I'd suggest to contact the SDO maintainer (probably Sebastian Trueg) about
this, SDO is not part of KDE SC and not released by our release-team.

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