final KDE 4.8.4 tarballs

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Wed Jun 6 21:13:39 UTC 2012


in order to respin kdelibs tarball I had to create a KDE/4.8.x branch to 
cherry-pick the right patches,took some time. 

Now we're complete: 

fc50a6ff95843925ec4d6e12ebce7f3c  kdemultimedia-4.8.4.tar.xz

- doc/ fixes.

af1ff1da6f1fbd5eab18fdd57282f5c1  kdepim-4.8.4.tar.xz

- kmail crash fix

fc1911379365eaaf5d6aa0759259cce8  kde-workspace-4.8.4.tar.xz

- ksysguard cpu accounting fix

83e0de7d22d07503da9cf2e2ff7cea43  kdelibs-4.8.4.tar.xz

- Qt 4.7.x compile fix
- regression fix in upower support of solid (2404110)
- fstab handling fixes (63ccc43)

these are all changes compared to the initial mail. Planned announcement is in 
24 hours, unless there is feedback about new issues. 


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