RFC: Conditions of early access to unreleased

Manuel Tortosa manutortosa at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 20:53:52 UTC 2012

El Dilluns, 4 de juny de 2012, a les 22:33:55, Will Stephenson va escriure:
> Most distros are offering packaged git snapshots perfectly legitimately 
> anyway.  I think these rules are an overreaction to Martin's complaint
> about  the beta1 announce and undo, and would write that off as an
> accidental consequence of the transition within our release management.

My two cents

This is not the issue i think, the problem started when the release-team 
decided to do not release the tarballs bcause a big breakage in many parts of 
the release, until the whole set got fixed.

Some packagers started complaining about "you cannot stop the release because 
we have packages already online and this will break our stuff" )not exactly the 
same words, but basically the same thing)

As result, kde gets some bug reports about those broken tarballs, which 
probably nobody is able to determine if the bugs are related to a problem in 
the code or rather a problem with the broken release

I think it is easy, KDE gives the packagers the tarballs soon so we can 
compile them and catch those issues -  and we can wait a bit before actually 
releasing the tarballs publicly to avoid issues like this one, is not that 
hard and will ensure a better final product for everybody.

I did released many times a kde sc in testing before the actual release date, 
but from now on, will wait a bit before pushing the tarballs to the server, is 
not that hard.


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