Request for delaying 4.8.4 request

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Mon Jun 4 20:37:52 UTC 2012

On Saturday 02 June 2012, Alex Fiestas wrote:

> I think I fixed fstab support for solid, the patch is pending review:
> Being 4.8.4 the last stable release (at least according to the release
> schedule) it will be very sad if we release it without this fixed.
> Thanks for taking this into consideration.

Hi Alex, 

could you explain to me why fstab support is important? Is that for systems 
that do not use udisk/udev and the like?

The first part of the comment for the patch says "it never worked for me", 
which means this is not a regression fix. is that correct?

Also,is there an active reviewer for the patch? unless we're sure this patch 
can't make things worse I'm not very much in favor of picking it up so far. 


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