nepomuk-core 4.9.0 tarball updated

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Jul 30 22:12:27 UTC 2012

It now includes:
 * 31d3504334f52c9cd7d24d6fe500054ef9301f5d
   Remove class noone really needs or uses
 * 8762b2fce1340f113c431f0ef67fbbcd3a0318bb
 * 286bd60393471d143c7d899b81a77168624acb51
 * ca0c488e0c082e4d50a367be1869f4cd972caa97
 * f1a54458910ff8a14b44380597c141a83542f33c
 * 087f16924147c8f6e738c691d3ce638bd5d01b4d
   Not reviewed by the release-team but Vishesh says they look correct, should 
improve Windows buildability

Sha1sum is 55dc228d5155220052c4a5d38984092a90a9cae7

Note that there is a pending request for nepomuk-core that might go in tomorrow if the 
questions i have are answered.


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