Review Request: Remove the Thing class

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Fri Jul 27 14:37:12 UTC 2012

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(Updated July 27, 2012, 2:37 p.m.)

Review request for Nepomuk, Release Team and Sebastian Trueg.


@Release Team (Albert): Please please let me commit this. I hate old stupid code. I'll have to live with it until we release KDE frameworks, that could be years away! If you have to choose any one of my patches to allow - THIS is the one to choose. The bug fixes can always go in 4.9.1. This cannot!



No one uses it, and the same class can be generated using the rcgen. 
I don't see the point of having this class.

This is my last chance to remove this old code. Otherwise I'll have to wait till KDE Frameworks 5.


  includes/CMakeLists.txt 4ac2d7c 
  includes/Thing 952544e 
  libnepomukcore/CMakeLists.txt 066c898 
  libnepomukcore/resource/thing.h 2ae3d75 
  libnepomukcore/resource/thing.cpp 59f2a4d 




Vishesh Handa

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