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Mon Jul 16 09:47:40 UTC 2012

Am 2012-07-16 10:14, schrieb Aurélien Gâteau:
> Le dimanche 15 juillet 2012 16:39:54 Michael Jansen a écrit :
>> Let us postpone this until i have the script ready. I think the 
>> discussion
>> is needed but currently a bit difficult because it is all really 
>> theoritcal
>> now.
> It is all very theoritical because people took a simple and pragmatic
> proposal
> (do not change any macro, just use different values: 7x for alpha, 8x
> for beta
> and 9x for rc) and overengineered it.
> I am not sure what we are trying to solve there, it feels like an 
> overkill.

I do not like maskerading pre releases as stable version. Version 
numbers have a
clear semantic meaning. And KDE currently breaks that.

I will never do things in a way because it was always done that way if 
there are clear
points showing it is wrong or not optimal. Especially if noone 
remembers the reasons for
that or is able to come up with any guess why. And that is the 
situation here.

But if the dicussion here shows stuff gets to complicated otherwise i 
have no problem
in not changing anything. But i need to discuss and brainstorm FIRST.

AND i will document once and for all why we are doing things the way we 
do. As a reference
for everyone who wonders.

The other why.

If i succeed in scripting the complete release process i would like to 
setup weekly
snapshots. Because i consider them the "continuus integration" of the 

Please tell me how those fit into the current scheme and we consider 


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