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David Faure faure at
Sun Jul 15 20:20:13 UTC 2012

On Sunday 15 July 2012 15:11:23 Michael Pyne wrote:
> On Sunday, July 15, 2012 15:24:04 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > Given the list only moderated by people in the USA it might be a problem
> > in
> > some hours/dates if we need to get a notification out in a timely manner
> > (e.g. on 4th of July)
> > 
> > Would it make sense get some other moderator onboard from a different
> > geographical position?
> > 
> > Or given the number of posts to the list is small we accept the potential
> > time turnaround?
> As an answer I think I'd lean to 'both'. I.e. I don't anticipate issues with
> time turnaround for posts to *this* mailing list but at the same time there
> is no reason not to add a moderator geographically from Europe if one would
> like to volunteer.

Sysadmins are meta-moderators anyway (e.g. I can approve a mail on any 

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