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Thu Jul 12 18:43:12 UTC 2012

So here comes the summary of the Release Team BoF, the attached picture is all 
we wrote during the BoF itself so all written here is me trying to remember 
what we said, if any of the presents disagrees or remembers more, please do 
not hesitate to comment.

The Release Team is composed of:
 * People that create the tarballs
 * People that create the schedules
 * People that do the announcements
 * Distro Packagers
 * Quality people

There is a dotted line separating the last two because even if we (the people 
assisting the BoF) think they are part of the Release Team there's some people 
that disagree.

== Tarballs ==
The tarballs at the moment are done manually, Dirk has been doing the whole 
KDE 4 tarballs, with me chiming in for KDE 4.9 releases, that meant we changed 
a bus factor of 1 to a different bus factor of 1, luckily for 4.9RC2 we had 
Torgny doing the tarballs, so that doubles the bus factor to 2.

Obviously the dream is that this doesn't need someone smart to spend half a 
day doing it, and that someone just has to press a button, and that is what 
Michael Jansen is working on.

== Schedules ==
We have a program where you press a button and gives you a schedule.

There is talks of having 3 split schedules for frameworks, workspaces, apps. 
Agreement is we want to wait for frameworks to be ready and then revisit the 

== Announcements ==
Mostly done by Sebas, bus factor of 1.small, plans to hand over to someone 
else in the future.
For point releases is easy
For feature releases we suffers the problem that we do not have a complete 
feature list, also sometimes the final version comes too late and translations 
can't be done on time

== Distro Packagers ==
The agreement is we are mostly doing good

== Quality ==
It is a new team being formed
 * need to define process/role
 * do we want them to have a blocking role
 * Some comment about some people being a bit annoying and pushy towards 
developers, others agree pushy is good.
 * We need to make it easy to join
Problem with quality is we don't have a feature list so it's not easy to know 
what to test

== Note 1 ==
For 4.10 we need to try to improve a bit the feature list completion that is 
the main weak point driving off quality team and announcement efforts

== Note 2 ==
There is a suggestion that every feature commit should have an associated bug 
number so it can be better tracked. Someone suggests trying with frameworks 
when its more ready 

== Note 3 ==
There is a suggestion to use jenkins (does it compile?) + unittest (does it 
break something known?) to review and do the autocommit (i.e. something 
similar to what qt-project does with gerrit)

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