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Michael Jansen kde at
Thu Jul 12 19:30:51 UTC 2012

> The one real world experience we have with this is kdepim.  From my
> perspective as a packager the entire transition has been a disaster and
> created huge work for us (shortly before our KDE 4.7 based release I was
> doing almost commit by commit updates of our packages in the hopes of
> getting users something better).  Additionally, there was confusion about
> what versions of kdepim/-runtime/pimlibs could be combined in the interim. 
> There were third digit updates that only worked with certain KDE SC
> versions.  It was a mess.
> In theory it may not be more work, but so far in practice it's been hugely
> so.

So to reiterate what i think i said somewhere else. This is not going to 
happen with 4.9, This is possibly going to happen with 4.10 or 5.0.

This will happen after it is ready and we take the input here serious.

And ready is defined by consensus on this list.

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