Release Script (KF5)

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Thu Jul 12 17:43:54 UTC 2012

On Thursday 12 July 2012 12:36:05 Rex Dieter wrote:
> On 07/12/2012 12:29 PM, Michael Jansen wrote:
> > I will implement the ability to skip release for unchanged modules
> > (fully automated) and would ask everyone here to really think twice
> > before asking the release team to keep the current practice of releasing
> > everything. Because there is no reason.
> Not exactly no reason.  There's the case that it can be used to simplify
> versioning on pkg interdependencies.
> Now, I'd have a much lesser concern if modules that are part of the 'kde
> development platform' at least are never skipped.
Could you explain why?

As far as I understand moving to frameworks 5 will mean for packagers that 
what used to be one package (kdelibs) will be turned into something like 20 
individual packages (I hope no distribution will continue to bundle all 
frameworks in one package as that would kind of destroy the idea of 

So you will have a one-time task to set up the distribution build system to 
create these packages. What I do not understand is why having particular 
frameworks skip a release would make your work easier. I would imagine that 
you have some script magic going on to automate the package building once a 
release is done and that script should easily be able to detect that there has 
not been a new release for a given framework. Yes, No?

Kind Regards
Martin Gräßlin
Who will probably have to maintain a small framework which will perhaps be 
updated once a years.
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