Review Request: Disable autocompletion-via-nepomuk

David Faure faure at
Tue Jul 10 16:06:49 UTC 2012

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(Updated July 10, 2012, 4:06 p.m.)

Review request for Akonadi, Nepomuk, Release Team, Volker Krause, Till Adam, and Laurent Montel.


Sorry, didn't intend to include the query changes.


Disable autocompletion-via-nepomuk until it is fast and does not block further nepomuk queries (such as the ones run when clicking Send in kmail composer).

Without this patch: up to 30 minutes for the composer window to disappear.... With this patch: immediate.
YYMV depending on the size of your nepomuk/virtuoso DB (here it's 3GB, with 400k contacts, autogenerated by the akonadi-nepomuk-feeder).

Diffs (updated)

  libkdepim/addresseelineedit.cpp 5fab510 




David Faure

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