KDE 4.8.5 planning

Michael Jansen kde at michael-jansen.biz
Sun Jul 8 11:17:41 UTC 2012

> That conclusions seems to be drawn too quickly. You're right in that I don't
> care about every single technical detail, but gotta admit: it's well hidden
> under a subject that doesn't immediately suggest that this is worth reading
> if you're not quite so interested in the technical bits. Aaaanyway...
> > Which leaves me wondering why i care.
> Don't worry, I was just asking the question because I care. Thanks for the
> pointer, I'll catch up on that.
> Also, let's all try to be less tensed. I know there's a lot of changes going
> on right now, but if we just sit down and deal with these changes, the end
> result will be better and things will settle down for sure again as well.

Also, let#s try to be less thin-skinned and sensitive. I don't buy into that 
overly correct and comminucate through fifty layers of friendlyness theory. 
Complicated discussions done like this NEVER lead to results in my experience.

And this btw. is the exact feedback i get from my clients. They all call me 
blunt, direct and tell me that is exactly why they allways come back to me. 
Because i seem to be able to get changes done in projects that other allways 

I am a proponent of clear words which transport exactly how i (or anyone else 
feels). I can accept them too. I expect them.

And i still think it is a shame so many people on this list ignore hole 
threads because they don't like the title or the volume of messages in it or 
do not give their valuable input because of whatever other reasons.

This is not the first time we have problem with that. tsdgeos had some too in 
his beginnngs.

THIS is a important list. Reading everything in here is not optional for those 
who care about kde releases. Same for kde-packagers (for those who care about 
packaging stuff) and this svn/git announce list for everyone in kde.

To blunt?

> If you think it's too much for you, that's unfortunate, but please try to
> avoid dragging others down by (incorrectly) second guessing their
> motivations. We're all here with the same goal, and it's not an easy one.

If i would think it is too much for me i wouldn't have started doing it. Or 
would already have stopped the effort.

Btw. is there already any time of idea when frameworks will be ready? Because 
that is the latest i plan to finish this stuff.

> Let's give ourselves some room for that, and recognize that we're doing
> some hard work, where frustration sometimes can happen, but we're there to
> support each other.

Unless those days when we are not reading stuff or caring about it. Then we 
are not here to support each other.

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