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Michael Pyne mpyne at
Sun Jul 8 01:56:05 UTC 2012

> On Sunday, July 08, 2012 02:30:13 Michael Jansen wrote:
> > Gentoo already supports betas, RCs, etc. in Portage though they have a
> > different nomenclature (e.g. I think 4.7.0~beta1 would be 4.7.0_beta1 in
> > Portage). But in order to support generic KDE snapshots that nomenclature
> > shouldn't change too much across future releases. As long as it's mostly 
> > one time it shouldn't be hard to generically rewrite KDE versions into 
> > is used by Gentoo (or rather, rewrite the Gentoo version to the KDE 
> > to find the tarball!).
> > 
> > All the rest is administrivia in my opinion for a packager (they can rely 
> > a good-enough GNU tar since they can enforce its presence). I would just
> > make sure that the only versioning info in *released* snapshot tarballs 
> > directories is the version itself (i.e. no dates, no revision tags or
> > commit ids).
> What is the version of a snapshot? Give an example. For me it is the date. 
What do you expect it to be? Just snapshot? Keep the misuse of stable version 

For a beta or RC, just use that version tag with no date (e.g. 
kdelibs-4.9.0~rc1). There would be no symlink to this as it's a real 
"release", not a snapshot. For the extracted directory name I would include 
the version name as that seems to be the standard style (I do that with my own 
software releases at least).

For a routine nightly snapshot, use the date as the version, with a symlink to 
that module on the FTP server. The symlink name should mention that it's a 
snapshot of some sort (e.g. kdelibs-git.tar.bz2 -> kdelibs-
git-20120706.tar.bz2). If it is very important to know which git commit was 
tagged, that can be added to the source just before it is tarred up, similar 
to how README.svn-nightly was added to our svn snapshots.

For the purposes of scripting, if it's OK to assume GNU tar then the extracted 
directory name can include the date since we can use --strip-components. But 
that option is non-POSIX. Plus there could easily be non-shell tarball 
handlers (e.g. Ruby or Python) where you might want to know what the extracted 
directory name should be. So unless there's a compelling reason otherwise I 
would recommend leaving any version information out of the extracted directory 
name (e.g. kdelibs-git-20120706.tar.bz2 would decompress to just kdelibs)

 - Michael Pyne
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