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Andreas K. Huettel dilfridge at
Thu Jul 5 19:01:42 UTC 2012

Am Mittwoch 20 Juni 2012, 21:30:23 schrieb Michael Jansen:
> 1. Add the version information into all of our modules in a way that a
> outside script can get it. Some kind of file for example that is included
> by the toplevel CMakeLists.txt and only contains the version information.

Sounds good.

> 2. Make the necessary build-system changes to use this version information
> for the .SO names.

Makes no sense, because soversions are already different. Better completely 
decouple from package version.

> 3. Make it a rule that there is no other place allowed to contain version
> information. If you need it somewhere else use cmakes configure_file().
> Btw. the version information should contain a human readable part
> 4.8.3-beta2 too. (For the kdepims out there).

Sounds good.

> 5. Add a file into our modules that describe what to pack/ignore for our
> source distributions. This contains the "removestuff" script parts from
> kde- common/release. Use a file-format that is extensible (JSON, xml,
> ...). And add possibly more (time will tell)

Sounds very good.


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