Potential data loss with bug 289945

Andreas K. Huettel dilfridge at gentoo.org
Wed Jan 11 23:50:48 UTC 2012

The problem seems to be in kwin - if you keep kontact running and replace the 
window manager by f.ex. executing in a konsole "fvwm --replace", suddenly drag 
and drop works fine...

Am Mittwoch 11 Januar 2012, 10:45:34 schrieb Myriam Schweingruber:
> Hi all,
> Since the release of KDE 4.8 approaches fast, I would like to notify
> you about https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=289945
> I raised the severity of that bug to grave as it can lead to data
> loss. So far it is only reproducible with KDE 4.8, starting once I
> upgraded to beta and still around with RC2.
> Find below a little discussion I had with Rolf Eike this morning in
> #kde-devel:
> <Dakon> looks like you are involved in bug 289945 somehow
> <Mamarok> sort of, yes, I had that problem with RC1
> <Dakon> bug 291050 has a comment saying it's a dupe
> <Dakon> I remember having seen this on my laptop, too
> <Dakon> for me it always opened the dragged mails in kate
> <Mamarok> it chooses whatever open window is on the same desktop, for
> me it tried to open stuff in Chromium
> <Dakon> since this can lead to data loss and leakage of sensible
> information I would vote for raising the severity of this bug
> <Mamarok> the problem is with the focus I think
> <Mamarok> yes, sounds like a very good idea
> <Dakon> no, I can surely say it doesn't
> <Dakon> I have only one window per virtual desktop
> <Dakon> kate is always on #6, kontact on #1
> <Mamarok> oh, so even cross virtual  desktop? Choosing whatever it
> finds that is open? Ouch
> <Dakon> so while this likely has to do something with focus, it's not
> related to the same desktop
> <Dakon> no idea, maybe it's just the last application that had focus
> before or whatever
> Somebody suggested in a comment of that bug that it might be related
> to Qt, but I didn't change my Qt version since quite some time, the
> only change was my upgrade to KDE 4.8 beta, currently RC2
> Thank you for looking into this
> Regards, Myriam


Andreas K. Huettel
Gentoo Linux developer 
dilfridge at gentoo.org

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