Release Candidate 2 and regressions

Martin Koller kollix at
Mon Jan 2 09:29:54 UTC 2012

Dear release team,

I upgraded a few days ago from 4.6.5 to 4.8-RC1 and worked with it some time.
As I'm a big KDE advocate, I'm currently having a deep feeling and fear that
quality assurance is currently missing.
Please do not take this as a rant but as a fear for releasing software which is
not in a releasable quality state.
I just used this "Release Candidate 1" for a few days in the usual way I
used the software colledtion before for a lot of years (I mean: not doing weird
things or testing extreme cases)
but I since have only detected regressions (mainly in khtml)! and this is the reason I
felt the urge to write to this mailing list, as I want to avoid that KDE in the
current situation is released to the wild. I have the strong feeling that
this would leave a very bad impression to a lot of users.
(And I can not remember any RC version with that many regressions I found in
just a few days)

For software in a "beta" stage this would be ok, but as I read that
TODAY the software collection is going to be tagged as RC2, I strongly advice
against naming it a release candidate!
Please let the developers take some additional time to fix the most annoying
regressions before releasing.
Probably you could motivate the developers for a "bug fixing week" before
the tagging or some other way of QA.

I'm a professional software developer since > 20 years, and I would never
release software in such a state.

Again: this is no rant! I'm just looking for damage limitation as I love KDE
and I'd like to be able to recommend KDE to other people as well.

The details (regressions) I found in the last 3 days: (probably already fixed) (very serious!) (new problem added)
Best regards/Schöne Grüße

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