Application version numbers, SC version numbers and FIXED-IN

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Fri Dec 28 21:59:11 UTC 2012

On Friday, December 28, 2012 00:48:51 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > We can instead query the git repository directly for commit messages
> > containing '^BUG: ' or '^FIXED-IN:' (and its alternates) within the
> > commits
> > between the old and new version.
> Which means someone needs to do a lot of work (lot of work, getting all the
> new and old versions for more than 100 repos and then running the script and
> then putting it somewhere in the web)
> Coding the script is the "easy" part, finding someone to run and maintain it
> is the hard part.
> Of course the great part would be having this run automagically.

I guess I was assuming we were already feeding the query output into a 
separate script already to generate the changelog.

As a practical measure I agree with using the KDE SC version for FIXED-IN 
(which is what I do with JuK, when I work on it), I was more pointing out that 
the query from Bugzilla is already not the primary source for this particular 
data (so much as fat-fingering the FIXED-IN line in the commit will drop it 
from the changelog).

 - Michael Pyne
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