Boost vs cmake 2.8.8 vs kdepimlibs master

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Dec 15 14:36:01 UTC 2012

There seems to be various reports of kdepimlibs master not working with cmake 

But cmake 2.8.8 is what we are requiring at the global kdelibs level.

Should we:
 a) Require cmake 2.8.9 at the kdelibs level
 b) Require cmake 2.8.9 at the kdepimlibs level
 c) Don't change requirement, bring back FindBoost.cmake to kdelibs and keep 
working with 2.8.8

I don't have a strong feeling but i guess that "b" would actually imply "a" on 
99.99% case of the packagers, so probaly just go with "a"?



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