KDE 4.8.5 tarballs available

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Sun Aug 5 21:09:17 UTC 2012

On Friday 03 August 2012, Scott Kitterman wrote:

> I got through the rest of the packages without issue, so I think it's just
> kdepim-runtime and l10n that need updating and we're ~ready.


I've fixed kde-l10n-da and kde-l10n-pl: 

b062732d0a0847a04a9860455eb9e3c5  kde-l10n-da-4.8.5.tar.xz
c6c9e056aa90d75dbc6130e32bbef762  kde-l10n-pl-4.8.5.tar.xz

I think we're ready to go. will enable syncing now, we can announce tomorrow 


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