Fwd: Requesting freeze exception for JtG

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Wed Nov 23 15:21:51 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 23 November 2011 00.09.41 Pau Garcia i Quiles wrote:
> > And stop attacking me everyone.  I'm just the messenger.
> > Sorry I responded at all
> Allen,
> I think nobody is attacking you. I'm sorry if you felt attacked. It's
> just at the eV sprint we realized the numbers we really really need to
> boost Join the Game because we need money. That's why we have been so
> pushy.

Notice that the e.V. has as one of its main objectives that it does not 
interfere with the technical direction of KDE. 
My interpretation of this fact is that your point of "we need money" is null 
and void as an argument to add or alter code in kdelibs and break the freeze.  

The kde release team has to take this request like it would take any other 
exception on the common rules which Allen already pointed out.

I too think that a much less invasive patch has to be the first step to getting 
something accepted.
Thomas Zander

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