KDE 4.7 Beta1 (4.6.80) tarballs uploaded (try#1)

Eric Hameleers alien at slackware.com
Sat May 21 19:33:16 CEST 2011

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On Sat, 21 May 2011, Dirk Mueller wrote:

> On Saturday 21 May 2011, Dirk Mueller wrote:
>> I found several myself already:
> And as I found out, kdelibs now depends on kdelibs-experimental, so I had to
> remove the splitting for now:
> 890d551e6332baea19b9bcb0655fce0c  kdelibs-4.6.80.tar.bz2
> Thanks,
> Dirk

Oh boy.

The turn of events with KDE 4.7.x is most unfortunate. I noticed an 
explosion of source tarballs. Dirk, are instructions available on how 
to re-assemble sources back to the original set? Or else, are 
instructions available on how to compile the bigger all-comprising 
packages where the separated applications and libraries are included 
again, like was the case all the time up to 4.7?

It would be nice if there would at least be scripts available for 
distro packagers that allow to checkout bundled source tarballs from 
the repository. In the presence of such scripts, I would be able to 
generate old-style source tarballs and make them available for other 
packagers, if the KDE release team decided against making those 
available on the ftp site.

Why am I proposing this?

I am afraid that for Slackware, the bloat in KDE packages is not 
acceptible from a maintenance point of view. I do not speak _for_ 
Patrick Volkerding, but I spoke _with_ him, and since I also do a lot 
of the work with regard to researching and packaging KDE for 
Slackware, I have to say this on the matter:

If there are no ways around this, then we are seriously considering 
the removal of KDE from the Slackware distribution and turning support 
over to willing third parties. This will go the way of GNOME which was 
abandoned by Slackware for the same reasons - we refuse to participate 
in a maintenance hell.

Cheers (but not really), Eric

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