Add some apps to the 4.7 release?

Thomas Zander zander at
Tue May 17 21:21:28 CEST 2011

On Monday 16 May 2011 15.05.11 Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> > > - Create a couple of stable releases,
> >
> > 
> >
> > I was hoping that the last 13 years of KOffice releases would help with
> > that request :)
> In your other email, you point out the following:
> "The request is only for those 3 apps and their plugins. This is a far
> far  cry from what was released before as "KOffice"."
> There's an obvious mismatch.

There is an very obvious mismatch;  the 3 apps have been released for many 
years but indeed they have been released together with half a dozen other 
apps and plugins in a more technically and promotially challenging setting.

It doesn't change the fact they have been released many times before, which 
is what your initial request was about, wasn't it?

Thomas Zander

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