OpenAL and SndFile as hard dependency for Granatier

Allen Winter allen.winter at
Fri May 13 00:28:33 CEST 2011

Maybe I missed the discussion, but can't these at least be optional dependencies?

On Thursday, May 12, 2011 06:20:53 pm Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thursday, May 12, 2011 00:39:37 Mathias Kraus wrote:
> > as some of you might know that Phonon is not really good for games because
> > of the high latency and some other issues.
> > Granatier used therefore for some time OpenAL and SndFile, first with
> > GluonAudio then with a copy of TagaroAudio, as optional dependency.
> > A few days ago, Ian Wadham ported KGoldrunner to TagaroAudio (a direct 
> copy
> > from Granatier) and also want to declare OpenAL and SndFile as hard
> > dependency. He will soon contact you regarding this.
> > For Granatier and KGoldrunner there is a difference like day and night
> > regarding to the sound quality and because now not only one but two games
> > use it, we think a hard dependency is justified. Also, Tagaro is supposed
> > to be the successor of libkdegames, so there eventually will be more games
> > using it.
> It makes sense to not rely on Phonon in this case. As others have already 
> pointed out, Phonon is really an API designed for "most" use-cases, and that 
> means that an apps' needs can 
> You might want to check wether openAL is also available on other platforms, 
> such as Windows and Mac OS, and provide clear information about the added 
> dependency to make it easier for packagers to get it right. They might have to 
> create and track a new package, then as well, so keep in mind that an added 
> hard dependency often causes a lot of extra work. Before incurring that, it 
> would be good to look around in other applications, and see if there's a more 
> common denominator for those cases. You've already done that across Granatier 
> and KGoldRunner, maybe there are more around?
> I can't really judge the technicalities, but I think we can use this thread to 
> collect more feedback and find out if there are issues with this added 
> dependency. It's also a good idea to not break the build right away, but have 
> CMake issue a clear warning that from now on, if you want sound, you need 
> openAL, so keeping it optional for a while for people to catch up with that. 
> (I know I find it pretty annoying to see new deps pop up somewhere when I just 
> want to rebuild some stuff.
> Which release are you targeting with the new sound backend?
> Cheers,

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