Idea: Converting KDESDK incrementally

Sebastian Dörner sebastian at
Mon Mar 28 22:48:11 CEST 2011


KDESDK is still using svn up to now and there doesn't seem to be much
progress to make the transition for the whole repository. Also see the
brief discussion on December 18th on kde-scm-interest.
I guess one of the reasons is that KDESDK is rather an ensemble of
individual sub-projects than one coherent module, so there is nobody who
knows all the code and its history (correct me if wrong). Also, as
stated in the a. m. discussion, the current maintainer doesn't have time
to do it.

I wonder if it would be feasible/sensible to do the conversion
incrementally. In this model, people feeling responsible for parts of
KDESDK write rules for their part and move the part to git individually.
This would require them to know the history only for their part (which
they certainly do) instead of knowing the history of whole kdesdk (which
they less likely do).
E.g. I would feel competent to write rules for kdesdk/dolphin-plugins,
but don't know anything about the rest.

Is there anything that makes this proposal a bad idea? How does it align
with release management? Possibly, at the time of 4.7 parts of KDESDK
would be in git and other parts still in svn.

(Immediate cause for this mail is upcoming GSoC, where I would prefer
dolphin-plugins in a git repository for consistency with rest of dolphin
and for easier branching.)


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