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Martin Koller kollix at aon.at
Wed Mar 23 22:41:19 CET 2011

On Monday, 21. March 2011 20:56:55 Tom Albers wrote:
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> > Ok, so we leave out kde-graphics on 4.6.2 ?
> Ok. New plan:
> Every maintainer of a git repo of kde-graphics *has* to mail the release-team that he wants to be included in the 4.6.2 release.

kolourpaint shall be included in 4.6.2, please

> He has to indicate from which git branch the code should be pulled.


> I will check the following things for each mail:
> - Code has to compile standalone, if not, we can not include it, it's your responsibility.

I fixed CMakeLists.txt now and it compiles.
... and if I've done the push correctly, it will also be in the 4.6 branch on the KDE server now.

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