modular kdelibs: packagers' view

Wulf C. Krueger wk at
Sun Jun 5 17:20:35 CEST 2011

>  * Do the split once, try to prevent the git migration mess where we've
>    clearly not thought through the ramifications for release management,
> which lead to much confusion and frustration among packagers

As far as Exherbo is concerned, we are in favour of more modularity. Of 
course, it should be thought through *before* you do it and, once decided, be 
pushed through in *one* major step, not as the current git migration (which 
you should finally and, if need be, forcefully push through, too) in "baby 

Yes, there will be some more effort on our, the packagers' side, but once 
we've adopted to a new scheme, it shouldn't really be any more effort compared 
to our current workflow. After all, we all have tools to help with such 

Best regards, Wulf
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