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On Fri, 3 Jun 2011, Kevin Kofler wrote:

> On Friday 03 June 2011, Eric Hameleers wrote:
>> Fragmenting the source tarballs may be only one step but seeing what happens
>> in GNOME land, with Redhat employees forcibly pushing people into directions
>> they do not want to be taken, I would welcome it if KDE would remain the
>> sane, independent desktop enviroment, or even Software Collection, that I
>> have come to love.
> Please leave Red Hat out of this! Red Hat has absolutely nothing to do with
> these splits! In fact, the main Red Hat KDE packager (Than Ngo) has also
> expressed his unhappiness about the split tarballs in the Fedora KDE SIG
> discussions.

Kevin, it was not meant as a stab at you and your KDE team. My 
apologies if it came across like that.  I do like Redhat's Linux, use 
it on a daily basis on my laptop even.  I also respect Fedora as a 
testing ground and a distro in itself.
No more bad words about your employer.

I want to rephrase then: I would like to see KDE keep its independent 
position and easy build process.  Please don't let it grow more 
GNOME-like in maintenance effort and limitation of the target 

If you want to give people a feeling of unity (pun intended) when 
running KDE it should not be given to packagers as a shambles of small 
un-coordinated source tarballs.

Cheers, Eric

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