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On Fri, 3 Jun 2011, Jeremy Whiting wrote:

> Dirk, all,
> As you may or may not know kdeaccessibility and kdeutils are ready to
> migrate to git (when the freeze is over, don't worry).  And we'd like to
> know what the feeling is about the best time to migrate to minimize
> packaging/releasing stresses.  We'd also like to know what
> packagers/release-team think of the split repos already done in kde-edu,
> etc. Should we provide artificial monolithic tarballs?
> thanks,
> Jeremy Whiting

Hi Jeremy

Thanks for asking this, really appreciated.

I would feel very relieved if the old monolithic tarballs would stay 
as a download option.  Even if the release team maintains a series 
of scripts that makes a controlled checkout of monolithic tarballs 
possible for packagers, that would be an acceptible solution.

I expressed my thoughts on the split of kdeedu in an earlier post and 
coincidentally I fired up this discussion on my blog and the SLackware 
forum a few hours ago... Slackware will have to consider dropping KDE 
if we are confronted with source fragmentation.  We are a small team 
and can not accept the added burden of maintaining a fragmented KDE 
based desktop environment.  Fragmenting the source tarballs may be 
only one step but seeing what happens in GNOME land, with Redhat 
employees forcibly pushing people into directions they do not want to 
be taken, I would welcome it if KDE would remain the sane, independent 
desktop enviroment, or even Software Collection, that I have come to 

Cheers, Eric

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