Need longer freeze time before tagging

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Fri Jun 3 10:02:52 CEST 2011

Albert Astals Cid wrote:

> A Thursday, June 02, 2011, Stephen Kelly va escriure:
>> Hi,
>> The ongoing mess regarding the shared desktop ontologies shows that the
>> time between hard feature freeze and tagging is not long enough.
>> Making destructive or potentially destructive changes on the day of
>> freeze (and one week before tagging) is a very bad idea. If it happens
>> anyway, then hopefully schedule changes can soften the blow in the
>> future.
>> I propose a smaller 'merge window' in release branches and a bigger time
>> between hard freeze and the start of the tagging cycle. Clearly one week
>> is not enough to fix messes. That will give everyone more time (before
>> tagging) to fix messes introduced on the day of freeze in the future.
>> Thoughts?
> Of which time are you speaking about exactly, the one between Dependency
> Freeze and Beta 1 Tagging?

Sort of I guess. If a feature or dependency bump which creates a mess is 
committed on the day of feature freeze I don't think there is enough time to 
fix it and at the same time stay relaxed because there is only a week. In 
the 4.7 schedule it was between 12th May and 19th May. I was away travelling 
for part of that week.

> How much time are you suggesting?

What would you think of two weeks? Or three?

> Albert

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