RFC: Release Management Going Forward

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Wed Jul 27 11:45:20 CEST 2011

On Sunday 17 July 2011, Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> It's still in the early phase, but it should work already.
> With these superbuilds, you can create e.g. a standalone source package for
> all of e.g. kdegraphics. When creating such a source package, you can/have
> to enter the git tag e.g. via cmake-gui, then the source package will be
> for this tag.
> Or, you can build all of kdegraphics in one go directly from git.

how  does that work? I set SB_PACKAGE_VERSION_NUMBER to v4.7.0, but it still 
checked out git master, which is completely wrong. 

how do I tell it to check out a specific tag instead?

also, why are the subdirectory names completely different (capitalized instead 
of lower case like the fine grained tarballs)? why is there a Source/ subdir 
where the main subdir does not have a CMakeLists.txt, so that the usual "cmake 
; make; make install" workflow does not work?

is there a way to tell it to not run make install after every module? for 
packagers, the step of "make" and "make install" must be completely seperate. 

In this state I don't see that I can create monolithic tarballs from that 
method, I would prefer to run the old setup-kde*.sh scripts (from 

Anything I'm doing wrong here? I might have not grasped every part of the 

Any help appreciated. 


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