KDE 4.6.0: go or no go?

Frank Reininghaus frank78ac at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 18 16:00:29 CET 2011


Am Dienstag 18 Januar 2011, 10:17:47 schrieb Dirk Mueller:
> how are the pros/cons regarding declaring the current 4.6 branch as 4.6.0
> or adding another RC to the game?

There is a bug which lets some KDE apps (especially Dolphin) crash every time 
they are closed:


It's not marked as a blocker because 

1. it seems that the bug is not in KDE itself, but probably in Strigi
2. only Opensuse is affected.

But if Opensuse ships 4.6.0 in the current state with this issue unresolved, 
this might cause a lot of user pain and an endless stream of crash reports :-(
> Looks like we have two bugs marked as ship stopper: bug 246678 and 262274,

Is the second one really a show stopper? Maybe users without bugzilla 
permissions should not be allowed to add keywords to reports...


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