Confused about svn vs git

Eike Hein hein at
Thu Feb 24 19:34:30 CET 2011

Another note: The branch naming convention for the 4.6
branch varies between git repositories currently.

In kdepimlibs.git and kdeplasma-addons.git, the correct
branch is called "4.6".

In all the other git repositories relevant to the 4.6.1
release (as stated earlier), it is called "KDE/4.6".

Unfortunately some of these repositories have acciden-
tally created wrongly-named branches right now as a
result of this inconsistency. E.g. kdeplasma-addons.git
has a KDE/4.6 branch that was never deleted, and con-
tains commits not in the technically correct "4.6"
branch. kdelibs.git also contains a "4.6" branch right
now when "KDE/4.6" is actually the correct on there.

Ian is going to post about the kdebindings 4.6 tagging
situation, then I'll post a new summary mail rolling
in all the fixes and specifying the correct branch for
every repo.

Best regards,
Eike Hein

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