KDE 4.8 RC1 (4.7.95) tarballs uploaded (try#1)

Harry Miller phobos_anomaly at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 26 23:38:42 UTC 2011

Hello again

I read through the Chakra thread. Very interesting. I've not
experienced any of those bugs. I have two boxes with qt 4.8. As for the
distro, I have one multilib Gentoo install and one LFS no multilib. 
Feel free to ask if you have any more questions. 


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From: Phil Miller <philm at chakra-project.org>
Subject: Re: KDE 4.8 RC1 (4.7.95) tarballs uploaded (try#1)
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Date: Monday, December 26, 2011, 2:54 PM

May I ask what distro you are using? We have several issues with QT 4.8 and 
discussing that in our mailing-list:


Am Montag, 26. Dezember 2011, 13:20:52 schrieb Harry Miller:
> Hi,
> I've built kde 4.7.95 against qt 4.8 and haven't had any issues. Infact, it
> ran a little faster and a lot more reliably when built against 4.8 than it
> ever did for me against 4.7.4. I didn't use any patches either. I wasn't
> aware that there was one, let alone that it was needed.
> Good luck.

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