Tags for recent releases are missing in the git repositories of kdelibs and kde-workspace

Andreas K. Huettel dilfridge at gentoo.org
Mon Dec 12 23:21:57 UTC 2011

May I please also ask for the 4.7.4 tags?! 

The tags are pretty useful for e.g. checking if a fix has been included in a 

TIA, Andreas

Am Donnerstag 08 Dezember 2011, 16:10:46 schrieb Nicolás Alvarez:
> Situation remains. The 4.7.80 tags I mentioned are still missing, and
> *nothing* has 4.7.4 tags, even though both versions are officially
> released now.


Andreas K. Huettel
Gentoo Linux developer 
dilfridge at gentoo.org

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