[rocs] src/Core/Modifiers: ValueModifier and Topology must be exported because they are used elsewhere.

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Sat Dec 3 00:33:00 UTC 2011

Git commit ab1c9dd316464aaf679638132fce95d0f6ea331a by Kevin Kofler.
Committed on 03/12/2011 at 00:29.
Pushed by kkofler into branch 'master'.

ValueModifier and Topology must be exported because they are used elsewhere.

ValueModifier is used in the plugins, Topology is used in the actions.

This bug was covered on GNU/Linux by the visibility flags getting overwritten
(which I fixed with the previous commit). This is a compilation fix for targets
which default to hidden visibility.

CCMAIL: release-team at kde.org

M  +2    -1    src/Core/Modifiers/Topology.h
M  +2    -1    src/Core/Modifiers/ValueModifier.h


diff --git a/src/Core/Modifiers/Topology.h b/src/Core/Modifiers/Topology.h
index 1af2fc3..498862d 100644
--- a/src/Core/Modifiers/Topology.h
+++ b/src/Core/Modifiers/Topology.h
@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@
 #include <boost/lexical_cast.hpp>
 #include <boost/random/linear_congruential.hpp>
+#include "rocslib_export.h"
 #include "Rocs_Typedefs.h"
 /** \brief this class provides topology modifiers for data structures
@@ -39,7 +40,7 @@
  * make unique changes or connected to specific re-format signals to
  * apply a given topology after every change of the structure.
-class Topology
+class ROCSLIB_EXPORT Topology
     typedef boost::adjacency_list<boost::listS, boost::vecS, boost::undirectedS,
         boost::property<boost::vertex_name_t, std::string> >
diff --git a/src/Core/Modifiers/ValueModifier.h b/src/Core/Modifiers/ValueModifier.h
index d6bf4f0..586a6f5 100644
--- a/src/Core/Modifiers/ValueModifier.h
+++ b/src/Core/Modifiers/ValueModifier.h
@@ -26,10 +26,11 @@
 #include <boost/graph/adjacency_list.hpp>
 #include <boost/graph/topology.hpp>
+#include "rocslib_export.h"
 #include "Rocs_Typedefs.h"
-class ValueModifier
+class ROCSLIB_EXPORT ValueModifier

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