Heads-up: kdeutils is moving to git

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Fri Aug 19 11:31:54 UTC 2011

On Thursday 18 August 2011 22.21.46 Raphael Kubo da Costa wrote:
> Basically, the current CMakeLists.txt in svn can still be used, but aneven 
smaller version which just does a series ofmacro_optional_add_subdirectory() 
calls. Going back to Aaron'smessage, where should I put these instructions?

Is there a kdeutils.git repo where this can be put?

I fully agree with Aarons message; the amount of time spent tracking down sub-
projects and their git checkout line is a big cause of worry for me too.

I had had the wish in the past to have a simple repo for a (former) module 
like kdeutils, and kdegraphics etc and that that module would have at minimum 
a script to do the checkout of the other repositories.

What do others think about a solution of that kind?
And is it applicable to our other (former) modules too?

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