Filelight moved into kdeutils (was: Re: Filelight into kdereview (again))

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Thu Sep 30 01:20:43 CEST 2010


Jeudi, le 30 septembre 2010, à 01:36, Martin Sandsmark a écrit:
> On Sunday 26. September 2010 01.25.22 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> > No, I meant when the mouse moves over the next item which could be
> > selected in the filelight view. Currently that one is selected instantly
> > if there is a mouse event over the item. That way you have to move your
> > mouse pretty fast out of the window so it does not trigger a single
> > event over anything else in the view to prevent to have another item
> > selected. Hm, the menu comparison seems a bad one currently, at least
> > with Oxygen. There selection of new items in it is now done also
> > instantly. But I remember there is a time-delay possible, to be able to
> > go with the mouse cursor directly to lower parts of the submenu just
> > opened, i.e. with passing other items of the parent menu for a few
> > milliseconds without having them triggered, so the submenu is not
> > switched, to that one of the menu item you only wanted to pass.
> > 
> > Got a better idea what I mean?
> I think so, but won't this make the UI feel nonresponsive or sluggish?

Depends on the length of the timeout. If it is about close to the time a user 
needs to control the stopping and correct positioning of her mouse on the item 
she is interested in, she should not really notice.
> > If you like, okay. Removing the root of evil still preferred if possible.
> > ;)
> Well, the root is removed, I'm just not guaranteed that Filelight isn't run
> with an old version of Solid, was my idea. :-)

Understandable. Then, could be controlled by min-version-needed ;)
Still I would like to get you into not covering errors which should not be 
there and are in our reach :)
> > Please also help out with
> >
> > as Alexander requested, some i18nc with proper comment should do.
> Done.

i18n_c_ ;) You might also want to take a look at
to help translators creating even better strings :)
> > The minimum-height-bigger-than-my-screen-resolution seems a problem only
> > experienced by Albert so far, so I consider that something to be solvable
> > after the move.
> Yeah, I've been unable to reproduce it here. I asked him to try to
> reproduce without a filelightrc (informally on IRC), but I don't think he
> ever came back to me.

See same thread, Albert there said he tried without, same error. Let's see 
what others can/have to report.

> > Will you do the move yourself, or do you want me to do that?
> I just did it, hope I didn't screw up anything. :-)

No, seems all fine :)

> > Will add a section on for it, or do you plan to keep the
> > old/current homepage for it? Max Howell still involved in filelight?
> Max has moved on to greener pastures, so to speak. :-)
> I don't have a page for it at the moment, so a section on
> would probably be nice.

Okay, will do something tomorrow or during weekend.

Dear Albert (cc: via release-team), could you once again help with moving of 
translation files? Quite some movement in/out kdeutils these days :)

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